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2017-1 Season starts Feb 2017 until June 2017
2017-2 Season starts July 2017 until Dec 2017
                                                       The New Pirate Code Dated Jan. 1 2017

Article 1 - Playlist Guidelines.  
We support new artists music. Rest assured that only the best new music submitted will be added to the RockStar Show.

Article 2 - RockStar  Winner
Each week the Judges will select one or a group of new artists as winner to move forward to the next round.

Article 3 RockStar - Year End
Judges will review the finalist's music and select only the best music to become the Pirate Radio RockStar. Also the
artist's music will be added to the Pirate Radio daily rotation playlist.

Article Four - Pirate Radio Rock Star Shows.  All judge's comments during the show are
the opinions of the judges and not necessarily the opinions of Pirate Radio of the
Treasure Coast Management.

Article Five - Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast simply broadcasts music.  If for any
reason the information submitted by an artist or band to Pirate Radio is false or incorrect, the responsibility lies with the
submitter, not Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  

And so it is written in the Pirate Code (which is really just a guideline.)

BEWARE:  Like it was in days of yore, punishments for breaking the Pirate Code were
always swift and rarely without exceptions.  The quartermaster would deliver the
punishment determined by the Captain or vote of the crew, which might be legs in irons,
flogging, or keel hauling.  More serious crimes were answered with marooning or death.  If you break the Pirate Code by
falsely submitting fraudulent music, either by false artists or band information, you will be prohibited from submitting
material to Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  These were the articles used by Captain Jack on his Pirate Radio Station
ship “The Wolf".  Savy!   
                PIRATE RADIO ROCKSTARS 2017-1
 First Round Winners - Forwarded to the Battle Rounds

3Dimensional - Netflicks & Chill
Megan Ruger - Hey Hey, It's Okay
Megan Ruger - Red
Caleb Haynes.Where Are You Now
Carol Martini - Love Asked Too Much
Eileen Carey - In the Air
Jen Baron - Tidal
Jenifer Brening - ASAP
Stone Senate - Right Side Up
Castelli  - Love is Love
Men In My Head - Century Love Featuring 50 Cent
Rock Alliance - Radio
Superdrag - She Loves Me
The Como Brothers - Cause I'm Up
Aviatar - Me U
Dan Farrell - Winds
Cornerstone - Heart on Fire
Inna - Say it with your body
Rie Sanchez - That empty chair
Nick Dakota - How cool is that
Jake Chisholm - No More Sorrow
The Tomboys - I Don't Know
GPS Project feat. Stella Jones - Dance Baby Dance
Jessica's Theme Band- Everything Goes
Robert Hunter - 365
Ty Waters - Only Human
2017 Pirate Radio RockStar Season
Starts Feb. 2017
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2017-1 Feb to June
2017-2 July to Dec