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Article 1 Pirate Radio Music Awards
Listeners will cast their votes. The highest votes will be the Pirate Radio Music Awards Winners.

Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast simply broadcasts music.  If for any reason the information
submitted by an artist or band to Pirate Radio is false or incorrect, the responsibility lies with the
submitter, not Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  All judges comments are their own, not of
Pirate Radio.

And so it is written in the Pirate Code (which is really just a guideline.)

BEWARE:  Like it was in days of yore, punishments for breaking the Pirate Code were always
swift and rarely without exceptions.  The quartermaster would deliver the punishment
determined by the Captain or vote of the crew, which might be legs in irons, flogging, or keel
hauling.  More serious crimes were answered with marooning or death.  If you break the Pirate
Code by falsely submitting fraudulent music, either by false artists or band information, you will
be prohibited from submitting material to Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  These were the
articles used by Captain Jack on his Pirate Radio Station ship “The Wolf".  Savy!

2019 Season - 2019-1 Jan to Jun , 2019-2 Jun - Nov
Music is available for purchase on i-Tunes, Amazon , CD Baby, Your Tube, Google

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