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2019 Pirate Radio Music Treasure Hunt
Pirate Radio Music Awards Season
2019-1 Jan to June
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Article 1 - Playlist Guidelines.  
We support new artists music. Rest assured that only the best new music submitted will be added .
Music is directly submitted to us and by Artists, Record Company, Music Submitted, Radio
Submitted, iPlugger, Sound Cloud & Airplay Access.

Article 2 -  Music Treasure Hunt
Each week the Judges are on a Music Treasure Hunt looking for the Best Music that can go all the
way to the Pirate Radio Music Awards.  Judges will select one or a group of new artists as winners
to move forward to the Battle Round.
And the ones that are not the best music are done for now , but try submitting more music again.

And so it is written in the Pirate Code (which is really just a guideline.)

BEWARE:  Like it was in days of yore, punishments for breaking the Pirate Code were always swift
and rarely without exceptions.  The quartermaster would deliver the punishment determined by the
Captain or vote of the crew, which might be legs in irons, flogging, or keel hauling.  More serious
crimes were answered with marooning or death.  If you break the Pirate Code by falsely submitting
fraudulent music, either by false artists or band information, you will be prohibited from submitting
material to Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast.  These were the articles used by Captain Jack on
his Pirate Radio Station ship “The Wolf".  Savy!   
Submitted For 2019-1  Starts Now
Music Treasure Hunt  Winners Going to the June Battle Rounds
are listed on Battle Rounds page.
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Listing in Red has Aired Already

01 05 2019
Omage  - St.Tropez
Riah Michelle - It Don't Really Matter
Steve Hewitt - Living On Faith

01 12 2019
HoneyChrome - Boomerang
Jon of Earth  - Rollercoaster
Justin-3 - Rumors
Mack Holland - Are You Ready
Matthew Schultz - Somewhere Far

01 19 2019
Abigail Scott - Damaged
Ajay Mathur - Forget about Yesterday
Eileen Carey - That Town
Formerly Jones  - The Queen &  thePoet

01 26 2019
Ajay Mathur - My Wallet is a House of Cards
Andrew Reed - Cure My Mind
Arcsin  - Sing in Silence
Be The Wolf - All Days I Missed
Be The Wolf - Here And Now

02 02 2019
Be The Wolf - Jungle Julia II
Be The Wolf - Move It
Be The Wolf -Trigger Discipline
Drew Gannon  - Ride the Wave
Glorybots - Dream about nothing
Greye  - What If I

02 09 2019
Ivar Sigurbergsson  - How you made them feel
Jerad Finck  - Kids Seawaves
Lizzie Blazquez  - Knocking On Heaven's Door
Lizzie Blazquez  - Ouh Baby
Lukah  - Roller Coaster

02 16 2019
No Sleep For Lucy  - Closure
No Sleep For Lucy  - Don't Let Go
Sszandra Mayer - Paradise
Revel 9  - Quietmind
Revel 9  - Senseless Tragedy

02 23 2019
No Sleep For Lucy  - Moments
No Sleep For Lucy  - The Source
Steve Earle - Copperhead Road
Steve Obando - Shattered Glass
The Incurables  - Detroit Steel
Theory - Carry Me Across The Water
V Sparks  - Remodel

03 02 2019
The Prairie Dogs - Dont remember last night
The Refusers - Disobey
Trash - Lust
AnJosef feat. welovestockholm - Hide & Seek
AV Super Sunshine - Apple

03 09 2019
Adam's Attic - Sorry
Andrew Reed - Cure My Mind
Brenda Lommis Band - Don't do that
Keeana Kee - Let's Make Love
Lese Majesty  - Signs

03 16 2019
Civil Discord  - Do You Remember
Civil Discord  - I Gotta Go
Civil Discord - Shrooms
Conversion  - Eighteen
Conversion  - Right On Time

03 23 2019
DK Davis - Love Me Again
DownTown Mystic - Think a little louder
DSP band  - It's Getting Late
Essie - Not Easy
Indigo Young - Magazine
Jagasora  - Every Window In The Sea

03 30 2019
Eddy Ulm - Holton Laid His Harley Down
Eddy Ulm - Million Dollar Guitar
Katie Belle  - Down For You
Kris James - Anymore
Leah Capelle - Out of Love
Londonbeat Traumton - I've been thinking about you

04 06 2019
Mama Cleo - Shop
Mankind's Remedy  - Hey Buddy
Matt Westin - You Leave Me No Choice
Michael Patrick  - That Look
Michael Patrick  - Won'tcha Get Up
Mick Clark - Another Lover Like You

4 13 2019
Natasha England - Somehow
Nu Revelation - Corporate Praise
Peyton Gilliland Music  - Magnetic
Salty Moses  - A climate change prophecy
Spring City - Back on our streets
State Wild  - Up In Space
Steve Obando - Shattered Glass
Sweetwater -  County Line

4 20 2019
The Depth and the Whisper  - Break Me
The Depth and the Whisper  - Souvenir
The Grey Agents  - President Liar
The Wolfman - Quiet Days in Clichy
Todd Barrow - Guadalupe River
Vona B.-  My Way

4 27 2019
Brenda Loomis And The Blue Coyote Band - Dance Around The Fire
Caroline Duke - Hit And Run
Charlie Melrose -The Original Ghost
Chasbo Zelena - Jumping the shark
Chianne - Return To Love
David Wilcox - We Make The Way By Walking

5 04 2019
Graham Trude - Don't Lose Your Small Town
Graham Trude - For You
Haley Brooke - One of these days
Hand Drawn Maps - Black Beach
Hand Drawn Maps - Diamond
Jake Aldridge feat. Kezia - Gullible

5 10 2019
Lola Black - All In
Marc Dorian - She's Mine All Mine
New Model Army - Believe It
Raiga feat. Soliaris & DriuleXL - Without You
Randy Harris - Be Mine Tonight (Monique)
Randy Harris - Drunk In Key West
Randy Harris - Give You To Me
Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker Reborn
Sixty Miles Down  - A New Skin
Sixty Miles Down  - I Can't Complain

5 18 2019
The Broader Sound -The Broader Sound
The Como Brothers - See the Light
Thrillkiller - Passion Killer
Thrillkiller - Wicked Rhythm
Twicy - Rock Your Body
WIll Thompson - One of These Days

5 25 2019
Glenn Lake - Those were the choices you made
Habberdash - Superstar
Jasmine Page - Now you re-gone
Jeff Hartman - Pain Train
Mankind's Remedy  - Distortion-Head Overdrive
Nouri - Where do we go from here

6 01 2019
Bostan ft-Zara - Ocean Skies
David Allen Buckner  - Long Story Short
David Austin ft Emily Bindiger - Crazy when he's not calling
Delta Charlesworth - If looks could kill
Deniza - You and me

6 08 2019
Dyk ft Rudiger - Trashcan
Erik Smallwood  - Belong To Me
Erik Smallwood - Sweeter
Gabe Lopez  - Karma Kamikaze
Gabe Lopez - Lasso

6 15 2019
Greye - Under the weather
Ny'a - 304
Sean Smith - Do or die
Stani ft-Dexter - We like it loud
The Black 9 - Stop draggin my heart around
The Boatpeople ft-Jo Van - Embuscade

6 22 2019
Papa Satch-Maybe Someday
Paramount Band - Set me Free
Paramount Band - Walk the Talk
Ryan Willis - Small town
Theo X - You don-t wanna dance
Tom Proctor - In Hollywood
Tommy Botz - Teddy Bear

6 29 2019

Battle Rounds
Show#21 June 2019

Pirate Radio Music Awards
Show#22 June 2019

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MUSIC Treasure Hunt
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Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast / Pirate Radio Talk
2019-2 Winners so far
Bobby Wills - Raise the Bar
HuDost - Rise Together
Japhet James - Step Over
John Rowe - Dog in a manger
John Rowe - Faith Hope and Charity
Mark Chirico - Goin Home To Georgia
Melissa - Tambourine man
Michael Rice - Bigger than us
Mot & Krid - Unbreakable
Papa Satch - Believe
Reason Define - Waves
Rooftop Heroes - Heroes
Szandra Mayer - Never really good enough
This Is She - Grow Up