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Article 1 - Code
We support new artist music. Rest assured that only the best new music submitted will be added to
our rotation playlist. Music is directly submitted to us and by artists, record companies,
MusicSUBMIT, Radio Submitted, iPlugger, Sound Cloud & Airplay Access.

Article 2 - Playlist Guidelines
All music submitted is reviewed for sound & mixing quality. 99% of the music submitted is added to
our Music Treasure Hunt Song File. Each week, our system randomly picks songs for airing.  

Article 3 -  Music Treasure Hunt
Each week the judges go on a Music Treasure Hunt looking for the Best Music that we know our
listeners will enjoy. During the hunt, new artist songs get one minute of airplay unless at least three
judges buzz the song for not being the best music and the song is stopped and no longer qualified
to be added to our playlist.

Article 4 - Responsibility
Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast WKKC-DB simply broadcasts music.  If for any reason the
information submitted to Pirate Radio is false or incorrect, the responsibility lies with the
submitter.  All judges comments are their own, not necessarily that of Pirate Radio.

Article 5 - Music Additions
Music that has been deemed to be the best music by our judges will be added to our rotation playlist.
And so it is written in the Pirate Code (which is really just a guideline.)

BEWARE:  Like it was in days of yore, punishments for breaking the Pirate Code were always swift
and rarely without exception.  The quartermaster would deliver the punishment determined by the
Captain or vote of the crew, which might be legs in irons, flogging, or keel hauling.  More serious
crimes were answered with marooning or death.  If you break the Pirate Code by falsely submitting
fraudulent music, either by false artists or band information, you will be prohibited from submitting
material to Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast WKKC-DB.  These were the articles used by Captain
Jack on  his Pirate Radio Station ship “The Wolf".  Savy!  
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